PowerShell module with commands for discovering, installing, updating and publishing the PowerShell artifacts like Modules, Scripts, and DSC Resources.

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This is a prerelease version of Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet.

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Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet -AllowPrerelease

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Install-PSResource -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet -Prerelease -Reinstall

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Find-PSResource Get-InstalledPSResource Get-PSResourceRepository Get-PSScriptFileInfo Install-PSResource Register-PSResourceRepository Save-PSResource Set-PSResourceRepository New-PSScriptFileInfo Test-PSScriptFileInfo Update-PSScriptFileInfo Publish-PSResource Uninstall-PSResource Unregister-PSResourceRepository Update-PSModuleManifest Update-PSResource




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Release Notes

## 0.5.23-beta23

### Breaking Changes

### New Features
- *-PSResourceRepository -Uri now accepting PSPaths (#1269)
- Add aliases for Install-PSResource, Find-PSResource, Update-PSResource, Publish-PSResource (#1264)
- Add custom user agent string to API calls (#1260)
- Support install for NuGet.Server application hosted feed (#1253)
- Add support for NuGet.Server application hosted feeds (#1236)
- Add Import-PSGetRepository function to import existing v2 PSRepositories into PSResourceRepositories. (#1221)
- Add 'Get-PSResource' alias to 'Get-InstalledPSResource' (#1216)
- Add -ApiVersion parameter to Set-PSResourceRepository (#1207)
- Add support for FindNameGlobbing scenarios (i.e -Name az*) for MyGet server repository (V3) (#1202)

### Bug Fixes
- Better error handling for scenario where repo ApiVersion is unknown and allow for PSPaths as URI for registered repositories (#1288)
- Bugfix for Uninstall should be able to remove older versions of a package that are not a dependency (#1287)
- Bugfix for Publish finding prerelease dependency versions. (#1283)
- Fix Pagination for V3 search with globbing scenarios (#1277)
- Update message for -WhatIf in Install-PSResource, Save-PSResource, and Update-PSResource (#1274)
- Bug fix for publishing with ExternalModuleDependencies (#1271)
- Support Credential Persistence for Publish-PSResource (#1268)
- Update Save-PSResource -Path param so it defaults to the current working directory (#1265)
- Update dependency error message in Publish-PSResource (#1263)
- Bug fixes for script metadata (#1259)
- Fix error message for Publish-PSResource for feeds (#1256)
- Bug fix for version ranges with prerelease versions not returning the correct versions (#1255)
- Bug fix for file path version must match psd1 version error when publishing (#1254)
- Bug fix for searching through local repositories with -Type parameter (#1252)
- Allow environment variables in module manifests (#1249)
- Updating prerelease version should update to latest prerelease version (#1238)
- Fix InstallHelper call to GetEnvironmentVariable() on Unix (#1237)
- Update build script to resolve module loading error (#1234)
- Enable UNC Paths for local repositories, source directories and destination directories (#1229)
- Improve better error handling for -Path in Publish-PSResource (#1227)
- Bug fix for RequireLicenseAcceptance in Publish-PSResource (#1225)
- Provide clearer error handling for V3 Publish support (#1224)
- Fix bug with version parsing in Publish-PSResource (#1223)
- Improve error handling for Find-PSResource (#1222)
- Add error handling to Get-InstalledPSResource and Find-PSResource (#1217)
- Improve error handling in Uninstall-PSResource (#1215)
- Change resolved paths to use GetResolvedProviderPathFromPSPath (#1209)
- Bug fix for Get-InstalledPSResource returning type of scripts as module (#1198)

## 0.5.22-beta22

### Breaking Changes
- PowerShellGet is now PSResourceGet! (#1164)
- Update-PSScriptFile is now Update-PSScriptFileInfo (#1140)
- New-PSScriptFile is now New-PSScriptFileInfo (#1140)
- Update-ModuleManifest is now Update-PSModuleManifest (#1139)
- -Tags parameter changed to -Tag in New-PSScriptFile, Update-PSScriptFileInfo, and Update-ModuleManifest (#1123)
- Change the type of -InputObject from PSResource to PSResource[] for Install-PSResource, Save-PSResource, and Uninstall-PSResource (#1124)
- PSModulePath is no longer referenced when searching paths (#1154)

### New Features
- Support for Azure Artifacts, GitHub Packages, and Artifactory (#1167, #1180)

### Bug Fixes
- Filter out unlisted packages (#1172, #1161)
- Add paging for V3 server requests (#1170)
- Support for floating versions (#1117)
- Update, Save, and Install with wildcard gets the latest version within specified range (#1117)
- Add positonal parameter for -Path in Publish-PSResource (#1111)
- Uninstall-PSResource -WhatIf now shows version and path of package being uninstalled (#1116)
- Find returns packages from the highest priority repository only (#1155)
- Bug fix for PSCredentialInfo constructor (#1156)
- Bug fix for Install-PSResource -NoClobber parameter (#1121)
- Save-PSResource now searches through all repos when no repo is specified (#1125)
- Caching for improved performance in Uninstall-PSResource (#1175)
- Bug fix for parsing package tags from local repository (#1119)

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  • Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet.psd1
  • PSGetModuleInfo.xml
  • dependencies\Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.Common.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.Credentials.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.Frameworks.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.Packaging.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.Protocol.dll
  • dependencies\System.Numerics.Vectors.dll
  • dependencies\System.Text.Encodings.Web.dll
  • Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet.dll
  • Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet.psm1
  • Notice.txt
  • dependencies\Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.Commands.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.Configuration.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.DependencyResolver.Core.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.LibraryModel.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.ProjectModel.dll
  • dependencies\NuGet.Versioning.dll
  • dependencies\System.Buffers.dll
  • dependencies\System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe.dll
  • dependencies\System.Text.Json.dll
  • dependencies\System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions.dll
  • _manifest\spdx_2.2\bsi.json
  • _manifest\spdx_2.2\manifest.spdx.json
  • PSGet.Format.ps1xml
  • dependencies\System.Memory.dll
  • dependencies\System.ValueTuple.dll
  • _manifest\spdx_2.2\
  • _manifest\spdx_2.2\manifest.spdx.json.sha256

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